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I purchased this second-hand Winchester in 1972. Judging by the photos and information I’ve seen, it appears to be a post-1964 model; the serial number is 2780905. The original owner hardly used the gun, and I’ve only used it for a couple of years. I doubt if it’s had 100 rounds through it. I took it apart and refinished the woodwork one winter. My dad was a Second Word War vet and RCMP officer, so to say good gun maintenance was drilled into me at an early age would be an understatement. I am hoping you can tell me how old the gun is, and what it’s worth. Thank you




The serial number indicates your rifle was made in 1964, the first year of production of the redesigned Winchester Model 94. I’m not aware of any significant collector interest in post-1963 Model 94s; their value is primarily as practical shooters and hunting rifles. Indeed, a surprising number of hunters enjoy hunting with vintage rifles such as this one. And it seems many serious rifle enthusiasts feel obligated to own at least one Winchester 94.


The value of older Model 94s appears to be influenced by the high prices of the current Winchester models made by Miroku of Japan. I see various versions of those well-made 94s selling for $1,500 to well over $2,000. Model 94s from the 1950s seem to be in considerable demand, and even post-1963 models sell readily, especially if they’re in good condition like yours. Adding sling swivels and refinishing the stock (nice wood on your rifle by the way) is generally frowned upon by collectors, but it doesn’t hurt the rifle’s value as a practical shooter. I see rifles similar to yours on used-gun racks selling for $600 to $700.