2016’s best new crossbows

The latest high-tech, shooter-friendly equipment for Canadian bowhunters 

Presenting Outdoor Canada’s exclusive annual roundup of the top new accessories for Canadian archers. Also see the year’s top bows and crossbows



This versatile sight accommodates short-distance targets with two fixed pins, plus an adjustable pin for longer shots. A small dial adjusts the single pin, with a corresponding sight tape inside the bezel where you can mark different yardages. The sight also has a built-in level and tool-free windage and elevation adjustment. The Pro Hunter’s simple technology forces you to use proper form to see through the sight, ensuring you’re on target.  FeraDyne Outdoors, 1-866-387-9307; www.iqbowsights.com



Experienced bowhunters will immediately understand how a vertical post to line up pins makes for greater accuracy and reduces the chance of alignment mistakes. The Precision Peep has just such a post in the rear peep. This lets you find the front sight pin easier, leading to improved accuracy and quicker target acquisition. The pin is built into an aluminum peep sight with a 5/16-inch aperture. Precision Peeps, (970) 389-6956; www.precisionpeeps.com




Part of Gold Tip’s premium Kinetic line of arrows, the Pierce Platinum is a high-standard, micro-diameter arrow with +/- .0025-inch straightness and +/- .5-grain weight tolerance. This small diameter and lightweight design improves speed and helps the arrow fly better in the wind. Special inserts and nock collars increase the durability and strength, and all arrows are hand-sorted to ensure quality. Gold Tip, 1-800-551-0541; www.goldtip.com



If you can’t decide between fixed or mechanical-blade broadheads, the 100-grain Trocar HB (the HB stands for hybrid) offers the best of both worlds. The two fixed blades have a one-inch cutting diameter, while a pair of 1⅝-inch centre-pivot blades deploy on contact, making a total cutting diameter of 2⅝ inches. All four blades are 0.35-inch thick; there’s also a chisel tip for increased penetration. A 100-grain crossbow model, the Trocar HBX, is also available.  FeraDyne Outdoors, 1-866-387-9307; www.muzzy.com



This four-finger hammer-throw release is light, quiet and value-priced at US$69. Weighing just 2.1 ounces, the C4 features a carbon-composite main body, and sound-deadening soft rubber over the moulded finger grips. The string hook encircles the string loop when the cocking lever is activated, and holds up to 200 lb. A unique capture lets you leave the release attached to the string loop at all times, while the six-position thumb trigger can be adjusted for travel. FeraDyne Outdoors, 1-866-387-9307; www.trufire.com



If you’re looking for a broadhead to fly like a field point, the Wac’Em Expandable is for you. The aluminum ferrule and stainless steel blades provide strength for penetration and cut big wound channels. The Expandable is available in four models, all with a cutting diameter of two inches or more: standard-diameter two- and three-blade versions, a three-blade crossbow offering and a two-blade model for Easton’s Deep Six arrows. Wac’Em Archery, (256) 502-9770; www.wacemarchery.com