7 awesome walleye jigs that belong in every angler’s tacklebox

Image Via: Mike Hungle

The jig picture

Jigging success depends on picking the proper presentation—and jig style

Mike Hungle
Mike Hungle

Swimbait jig

One of the fastest-growing walleye tactics is to rip a large soft-plastic paddle-tail swimbait. The swimbait jig is designed specifically for that presentation, complete with a pointed nose and bait-holding collar. After casting out the offering and letting it settle to the bottom, you rapidly snap it forward by quickly jerking the rod tip. Then you let it drop again, reel in the slack and repeat the process.


The pointed head allows the jig (above) to accelerate forward when being ripped, helping the swimbait move like a darting minnow or other fleeing aquatic creature. The small collar on the jig head holds the swimbait in place so that it continues to look natural, while preventing the hook shank from ripping through the moulded body.

Since walleye often wait in weedbeds to ambush minnows swimming by along the perimeter, a swimbait jig is very effective when ripped parallel to a weedline. Similarly, it also excels when fished along a sandbar or ledge.

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