7 awesome walleye jigs that belong in every angler’s tacklebox

Image Via: Mike Hungle

The jig picture

Jigging success depends on picking the proper presentation—and jig style

Mike Hungle
Mike Hungle

Swimming jigs

Unlike most jigs, where the eyelet is positioned on top of the jig head, the swimming jig sports the eyelet at the front (which explains why some anglers call it a 60-degree eye-tie jig). Along with the front eyelet, this jig is moulded with a streamlined body so that it will swim easily through rocky, grassy, mossy or woody areas on the retrieve. Along with casting and retrieving, the swimming jig also works well as a trolling lure for walleye, especially when the fish are suspended in the bottom quarter of the water column.

Swimming jig

Although the swimming jig (above) can be tipped with leeches, minnows or nightcrawlers, it really excels in snaggy areas when paired with small soft-plastics, which stay hooked better than natural baits. There’s also a weedless version of the swimming jig, which features a wire or plastic hook guard to help prevent snags.

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