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Canada’s top 5 wildest places


They’re places where you can forget a world exists beyond the horizon, places so special you lose yourself in them and regret having to leave at sojourn’s end. And they’re places you can return to in your mind’s eye, if only for a moment or two, when your soul needs to escape the reality of the daily grind. No smokestacks, no superhighways, no high-rise towers blemishing the skyline.

The wilderness is where we renew our place in the nature of things, where the priorities are self-evident and simple things such as shelter, warmth, food  and water take on their proper importance. As they should. And to me, the process of planning and setting up camp in remote hinterlands carries with it a huge sense of accomplishment, as does exploring the land itself for fish and game.


So, where best to put your outdoor skills and know-how to the test? As far as wild places go, these are the destinations that rank highest on my go-to list.