Fly-tying with Outdoor Canada: From hot new flies to classics that never fail, plus expert tips for tying them

Fly-tying with Outdoor Canada

Both beginners and veterans will enjoy these cool pattern and fly-tying tips

If you love tying flies — or think you’ll love it, once you learn—you’re in the right place. Here is Outdoor Canada’s comprehensive collection of our most popular stories about flies and fly-tying. The stories are organized into two categories: MUST-HAVE FLIES FOR CANADIAN ANGLERS  followed by FLY-TYING INSTRUCTIONS AND TIPS.



7 easy-to-tie flies that will catch fish anywhere in Canada

8 amazing flies most Canadians have never heard about

The uglies: 9 flies that aren’t pretty, but catch a whole lot of fish

The 7 must-have flies for trout anglers in the West

The best fly most Canadian anglers have never heard of

This Canadian creation is the world’s best trout fly

10 Soft-hackle Flies You Need to Know

Streamer flies: My all-time top 10 patterns

9 Nymphs You Need


6 tips for tying better flies (and doing it faster, too)

How to tie 4 killer crayfish flies that work all over Canada

Two comprehensive (and free!) video resources for fly tiers of all skills levels

How to tie 8 awesome saltwater flies—that may be even better in freshwater

How to tie the Peanut Butter fly: Expert tips and video

4 great places to find bargains on fly tying materials

Having trouble tying flies? Here are 5 tips for getting into the game





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