Ice-fishing Friday: The 6 all-time best ice lures (and how to fish ’em)

The Six

Canada’s top ice-fishing lures, and how they can help you catch more winter walleye, trout, whitefish, pike, panfish and burbot

One of angling’s great mysteries is why we can’t launch our boats in the open-water season without bringing a mountain of tackle with us, but when we pack the toboggan for a day on the ice, we can usually fit most of what we need into a medium-sized tacklebag. It’s like preparing for a fly-in fishing trip, when weight restrictions require you to carefully consider what items you really need to bring.


I spend as many days ice fishing each winter as I spend fishing from my boat during the open-water season. Even still, I’m confident I can cover every hardwater situation and catch fish using just a small number of judiciously selected baits. Here are the top six lures I never hit the ice without, along with tips on how to fish them most effectively.

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