Outdoor Canada’s best waterfowl recipes

Delectable ways to prepare your ducks and geese

Looking for some fresh waterfowl cooking ideas? We’ve got you covered!

Sous Vide Goose: A boneless breast prepared to tender perfection

Moroccan Grilled Duck: Succulent spices perfectly matched with wild waterfowl

Delectable Duck Legs: How to Cook ’Em Slow with a Mango and Honey Glaze

Duck Delight: A Spicy Taste of the Far East

Gord’s Gorgeous Goose

Goose Week 2014: Goose Stew

Goose Burgers: A Tasty Way to Serve Waterfowl in Winter

Ginger Mallard

Grouse Fricot

Duck Poppers

Thai Duck

Martha’s Great Goose

Seared Duck with Bourbon & Dill

Orange Goose Spread

Drunken Duck Skewers



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