Canada’s 11 all-time top lures for brookies, browns, cutthroats, lakers and rainbows

Canada’s 11 All-time Top Lures for Brookies, Browns, Cutthroats, Lakers and Rainbows

The Trout Takers

Tackle trout across the land with these spoons, spinners, jigs and plugs

Panther Martin Spinner

Panther Martin Spinner
Panther Martin Spinner

It might be hard to imagine that a lure as small and unobtrusive as the Panther Martin can be such a reliable producer of trout—including big trout—but history doesn’t lie. The in-line spinner’s unique through-the-blade shaft ensures a consistent spin at nearly any speed, and its relatively large blade gives it plenty of fish-attracting “thump.” Many anglers think of the Panther Martin as a stream lure, but it’s hefty for its size, meaning it can be cast effectively on lakes and even trolled. Available in dressed and plain models, the go-to versions for trout anglers sport the black body with yellow spots and gold blade, and the yellow-and-red body with a silver blade.

Catch: Brown, bull, cutthroat, golden and rainbow trout

Where: Streams, small rivers and lakes, and ponds

When: Throughout the open-water season, effective in stained or clear waters

How: Cast across moving water, allowing the spinner to swing with the current, then retrieve at a consistent speed. Cast and retrieve or troll slowly on ponds and lakes

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