Canada’s 11 all-time top lures for brookies, browns, cutthroats, lakers and rainbows

Canada’s 11 All-time Top Lures for Brookies, Browns, Cutthroats, Lakers and Rainbows

The Trout Takers

Tackle trout across the land with these spoons, spinners, jigs and plugs

Yakima Bait Flatfish

Yakima Bait Flatfish
Yakima Bait Flatfish

The other contender as the best all-time trophy laker lure at Plummer’s is the T-60 Flatfish. At six inches in length, it’s the largest member of the Flatfish family. This versatile diving lure is designed to do the dirty work, veering wildly, banging off the bottom and generally wreaking irresistible havoc. Its unique shape has been widely copied but never equalled, a tribute to the T-60’s adaptability—it’s as at home on large rivers and small lakes as it is on Great Bear. A wide range of sizes and colours lets you mimic natural bait while attracting marauding trout with the lure’s vibration, flash and wobble.

Catch: Brown, bull, lake and rainbow trout

Where: Large and small lakes; large rivers. Select a lure size that matches the target species and the water you’re fishing

When: Summer through to fall is best

How: Troll slowly in large lakes, adding weight or using lead-core line or a downrigger in deeper water. Cast and retrieve slowly in small lakes and ponds. In rivers, cast cross-current, allowing the lure to swing through the target water before slowly retrieving it

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