9 reasons my kayak fishing trip to Panama was so thrilling

Fishing Panama's Wild Coast… from a kayak

If you have a taste for true angling adventure, this is the place for you

The fish are plentiful and varied

The photo above shows just one of our group, Bob Deane from Denver, with a sampling of the species he landed over five days on the water. Clockwise from the top left, he shows off his: near-world-record needlefish, bluefin trevally, yellowfin tuna, roosterfish, African pompano and sierra mackerel.

Think for a moment about the Canadians you know who’ve gone fishing while on a tropical vacation to Cuba or Mexico: One day on the water costs almost as much as the entire trip, and then odds are you spend six hours trolling, while fighting off seasickness and catch… nothing. This does not happen on the Wild Coast, where these fish see little angling pressure, and there’s very little commercial or subsistence fishing.

(Clockwise from top left): Rob Dankowsky with a mutton snapper; the author with African pompano and jack crevalle; Jamie Nelson with a roosterfish

In fact, with the exception of a collage of jaw-dropping fish photos near the end, ALL of the photos in this story were taken during my trip. Amazing.

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