9 reasons my kayak fishing trip to Panama was so thrilling

Fishing Panama's Wild Coast… from a kayak

If you have a taste for true angling adventure, this is the place for you

The facilities are beautiful, comfortable and charming

On shore, the heart of Panama Kayak Adventures is the Tembladera Fishing Lodge (above), which is nestled among the tropical trees, where the jungle meets the beach. Owner Pascal Artieda designed and built the entire facility, using driftwood and fallen trees from the rainforest, which were dragged down from the mountains by horses, and then milled by hand with chainsaws. There’s a dining-lounge area, which was the site of some memorable evenings of chowing down on fresh-caught fish and other delights prepared by the Austrian cook, Barbara Vogel (who may be a genius or possibly using magic, considering the food she conjures up out there in the jungle).

Remarkably, the lodge is 100 per cent sustainable, with the amenities cleverly designed to leave a minimal footprint. It’s powered by solar panels (for lights and charging your devices), fresh water is piped down from the mountains in a high-pressure, gravity fed system, giving each of the three double-occupancy cabins a private bathroom, shower and basin. And the sunsets (above) aren’t too bad, either.

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