Tackle week 2016: 8 essential new angling accessories

Tackle Week 2016: 8 essential new angling accessories

Essential new angling accessories for 2016

The latest, best electronics and high-tech lines, plus gear for anchoring, trolling and trailering

Best Fishing Line



Made with high-strength Spectra HT fibre—the same material used to make bulletproof vests—PowerPro’s Maxcuatro fishing line is 25 per cent stronger and 30 per cent thinner than comparable braided fishing lines, making for greater casting distances. You can also spool it onto much smaller and lighter reels without sacrificing line strength or length. Plus, it’s abrasion resistant and less visible underwater. Available in 50-, 65-, 80- and 100-pound test, Maxcuatro was named Best Fishing Line at ICAST.

PowerPro, 1-866-491-5229; www.powerpro.com

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