Tackle week 2016: 8 essential new angling accessories

Tackle Week 2016: 8 essential new angling accessories

Essential new angling accessories for 2016

The latest, best electronics and high-tech lines, plus gear for anchoring, trolling and trailering

Best Trolling Motor Accessory



Being stealthy is important if you want to sneak up on fish in clear water or heavily pressured systems. Replacing the original prop nut on your electric trolling motor, T-H Marine’s Eliminator significantly dampens the noise and vibration of the propeller, allowing for quieter approaches. Made of lightweight aluminum with an anodized red, black or blue finish, the Eliminator nut also has cooling ports to help dissipate heat, maximizing the life of both your motor and the batteries.

T-H Marine, (256) 772-0164; www.thmarine.com

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