12 excellent ways to totally botch your duck hunt



Sky busting distant ducks only risks spooking or wounding them, so let incoming birds fly into lethal shooting range before squeezing the trigger. If the ducks fly by out of range, have confidence in your spread and calling abilities and let them make another swing or two.


Also read the birds as they work your spread so you don’t miss out on any potential shooting opportunities. If they swing into range and it looks like they’re not going to get any closer, for example, call the shot. If they’re in range and still working toward your landing zone, however, let them continue and enjoy the show before you shoot.

When setting up your spread, look for landmarks to help tell you gauge how far the birds are from your blind. Another good idea is to strategically place certain decoys as distance markers, telling you when the birds are within shooting range—and giving you the chance to limit out.