Don Willoughby with a "two-footer" pike

Northern Ontario fly-in adventure: 6 days, 3 kayaks and 400-plus fish


The view from our cabin on Bulldozer Lake, including two motorboats that never touched the water

#2  It’s an amazing experience to be the only anglers on a lake

Lovely little Bulldozer Lake is about three kilometres long, and only a 15-minute flight from the air base in White River, Ontario. But with no road access and no development on the lake (other than numerous beaver lodges) it’s like arriving in a different world.


We had a cozy cabin with a pristine view (top of page), no competition for fishing spots, no other boats buzzing around and, since we only used our kayaks, no buzzing of any type—other than the bugs, of course.

Bulldozer (above) turned out to be an outstanding choice for our trip. This oddly shaped Shield lake has three basins connected by channels, which almost resembled rivers, so there was always a sheltered place to fish, even if strong winds came up (which happened regularly). The cabin is also handily placed at about the mid-point of the lake, allowing easy access to every part. And Bulldozer has textbook fishing structures to explore, including reefs, shoals, neck-downs, saddles, drop-offs and emerging weedbeds. And amazingly, there were fish almost everywhere, which brings us to #3…