Don Willoughby with a "two-footer" pike

Northern Ontario fly-in adventure: 6 days, 3 kayaks and 400-plus fish


Don Willoughby with a “two-footer” pike (Note: Don is 6’2″, so his fish are bigger than they look!)

 #4  Two-footer pike make for brawling, splashy fun   

The northern pike on Bulldozer were even more plentiful than the walleye, and even hungrier. They seemed to be just about everywhere in the lake, both in places you’d expect to find pike, and odd, stray places where they came as a total surprise.

The photo above shows Don Willoughby with a typical pike, of the 24- to 28-inch size class he quickly dubbed “two-footers.” They’re not wall-hangers, but they will have you hanging on to your rod, not to mention watching your fingers when you land ’em.


Pike of this size are really fun to catch, and prone to wild antics, as shown in the amusing GIF above, where I’ve got an especially sassy two-footer on the line. In the background is one of Bulldozer’s most memorable features: a finger of rock sticking up in the middle of a bay, surrounded by water 20 feet deep.