Don Willoughby with a "two-footer" pike

Northern Ontario fly-in adventure: 6 days, 3 kayaks and 400-plus fish


#6  There are bigger fish out there, too

Above is Wes with his biggest fish ever: a 33-inch pike, landed on a ¼-ounce jig and grub, while walleye fishing in a windy, sandy little back bay. Though that pike pales in comparison to the leviathan Wes hooked later in the week, which resulted in a barely believable one-that-got-away story. But I’m saving that one for Outdoor Canada magazine, too.


The author with his 27-inch walleye

We also had a number of impressive walleye, including the beauty above. I landed it about 20 metres away from the spot where Wes hooked that pike. Also cool: I was using my fly rod, with a five-inch-long articulated Seaducer fly. She was a hungry one, and strong, too.