8 reasons why I’ll be going back to Wakami Lake Provincial Park

Wakami Lake Provincial Park

Drive-to camp/fish/paddle destinations in Ontario don’t get much better than this

#5 The pike fishing might be even better

Walleye may be the most sought after fish on Wakami, but there were also northern pike patrolling every point, hump and weedbed. And as a long-time pike enthusiast, that was fine with me. On several occasions, I got into pike action that was almost ridiculous. During a 90-minute session one evening, I landed a pike on every fourth or fifth cast, all in the same soccer field-sized bay. So I can’t begin to imagine how many toothy critters were in the lake as a whole.

And to mix it up, there was also no shortage of yellow perch, which I landed on tiny spinners, four-inch-long lures and everything in between.

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