8 reasons why I’ll be going back to Wakami Lake Provincial Park

Wakami Lake Provincial Park

Drive-to camp/fish/paddle destinations in Ontario don’t get much better than this

#3 The lake is unspoiled, interesting and paddle-friendly

Wakami Lake is long and narrow, with numerous bays to explore, making it a pretty good destination for kayak fishing, which is my preferred way to get on the water. Thanks to those nooks and crannies, I could always find comfortable spots to paddle and fish, even when it got a bit windy. Although many campers have motorboats, they tended to be modestly powered craft. Water-skiers and personal watercraft also seem rare, which I consider a big bonus. It makes for a quiet, pleasing time on the water.

Even better, other than the small campground itself, and a few backcountry sites, Wakami’s shoreline is undeveloped—no cottages, access roads or anything else. So the water, the shoreline and the skies are just full of life, in a way you don’t see on busy lakes. And yes, that life includes plenty of fish.

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