Kasba Lake offers the triple crown of northern fishing: giant lake trout, hefty pike and stunning Arctic grayling


An aerial view of Kasba Lake Lodge

#1  Kasba Lake is like a different world, lost in time

Located in the temperate sub-arctic, Kasba Lake lies just a few kilometres north of Canada’s “four corners,” where the borders of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories meet. At 70 km long, and 35 km wide, it’s a huge lake, with both plunging depths and shallow bays and estuaries, all criss-crossed by eskers, and dotted with an uncountable number of islands. If you were to sit at a drawing table and design a lake to grow big northern fish, this is pretty much what you’d come up with. Even better, Kasba is over 200 km from the closest road, and there’s nothing manmade on its 250-plus km of shoreline other than Kasba Lake Lodge.


Once you’re just a few minutes away from the lodge’s dock, you can lose yourself among Kasba’s islands and channels and not see a single artifact of modernity all day. As you take in the expanses of water, rocky shorelines, pebble beaches, boggy meadows and sparse sub-arctic forest, you’re looking at a landscape that hasn’t changed since the last ice age, 11,000 years ago. The effect of this is pretty overwhelming. Even if you don’t fish, it’s an incredible place to visit. But for anglers, it’s pretty much heaven.