Canada’s 10 best waterfowl hunts

Waterfowling at its best

From Canada’s rugged East Coast to the tidal waters of B.C., these are 10 awesome duck and goose hunts you just don’t want to miss

Canada is the second largest country on earth, with more freshwater than any other nation. It also has the 14th lowest population density, with 30 per cent of us clustered in just three cities. That perfect trifecta—lots of land, lots of water and very few people—is the ideal recipe for healthy duck and goose populations. It also makes for spectacular waterfowl hunting, from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic shore to the Arctic barrens. And with more than 30 different species of ducks and geese to choose from, the opportunities are near endless

Admittedly, I haven’t experienced all of Canada’s waterfowling adventures, but I have sampled much of what’s out there (I’m still waiting for invitations to hunt East Coast ducks and Canada geese in P.E.I., hint, hint). Here are my top 10 choices when it comes to the Canadian waterfowl hunts you need to experience at least once.

From the rugged East Coast, to Hudson’s Bay, to the tidal waters of BC, you don't want to miss these 10must-do #duck and #goose hunts Click to Tweet
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