Meet Canada’s 16 most popular breeds of hunting dog


Photo: m01229/Flickr


The most popular dog on the planet, the rugged and versatile Labrador retriever was first developed in the early 1800s by Newfoundland fishermen. With its webbed feet, rudder-like tail and short, sleek coat, the Lab is perfectly adapted for water. They are powerful, tireless swimmers with outstanding noses, making them brilliant waterfowl retrievers.

There are noticeably varying bloodlines within this breed. Some produce a stockier, thicker-boned English-style dog, while others gravitate toward the leaner field lines. For Lab owners who want the breed’s renowned versatility in the field, it is important to research the bloodlines to ensure your expectations are met. Whether a Lab is black, chocolate or yellow, its inherently friendly, intelligent and patient nature makes it an outstanding dog for both field and family.