Meet Canada’s 16 most popular breeds of hunting dog


Photo: Andrey & Lesya/Pixabay


If you know it, you know it—the unmistakable baying of a beagle in pursuit of game. For many centuries, beagles were the dog most commonly used by houndsmen to pursue wild game, from red deer stags in the private forests of medieval feudal lords to foxes let loose ahead of the horses in a traditional English fox hunt.

Small in stature but big in heart, beagles are a true hound, their bark belying their relatively small stature. With their remarkable stamina, beagles will tirelessly follow the scent trail of any game animal they’ve been trained to detect. An exuberant and exceedingly friendly canine whose ancient roots date back to 400 B.C., the beagle is the seventh most popular dog breed on the planet.