Meet Canada’s 16 most popular breeds of hunting dog


Photo: Fesoj-wr/Wikimedia Commons


One of England’s favourite field dogs, flat-coated retrievers were developed in the 1800s from the lesser Newfoundland dog, making them friendly newcomers to the ranks of retrievers. This happy, gentle and versatile breed was historically referred to as the “gamekeepers dog” because of its many applications on wealthy British estates.

Taller and leaner than the Labrador, this far less common retriever can have a medium-length black or liver-coloured coat, with a feathered tail and legs. You can see some of the breed’s setter heritage in its coat, which is well suited for the challenges of both the field and the water. Known to be more rambunctious than other retriever breeds, flat-coats thrive with ample exercise and varied training to keep them engaged.