Meet Canada’s 16 most popular breeds of hunting dog


Photo: Harry Gillen/Unsplash


The smallest of the pointing breeds and one of the most adaptable gun dogs, the Brittany traces its roots to the like-named province of Brittany in northwestern France, where it was first developed in the 17th century. Lean, agile and at home in both open country and dense cover, this keen bird dog is highly trainable.

The energetic Brittany is capable of working virtually any bird, from various upland species to waterfowl. It first arrived in North America in the early 1930s, where dog breed specialists considered it to be more of a pointer than a flushing spaniel, dropping the spaniel part of the name in 1984. Due to their size, intelligence, exceptional nose and happy demeanour, the Brittany is among the most popular of field dogs.