Meet Canada’s 16 most popular breeds of hunting dog


Photo: Ron van Hal/Pixabay


The sight of a German shorthaired pointer effortlessly loping across fields and through forests, then suddenly freezing on point, is unforgettable. This breed can go from zigzagging at Mach 1 to a standstill in the blink of an eye. There’s just no mistaking its intense focus and excellent scenting ability.

A graceful, well-structured dog, the German shorthaired pointer—or GSP—was developed in the late-1800s to be Germany’s all-purpose hunting dog. Known as the kurzhaar in its country of origin, the breed arrived in North America in the 1920s. Devoted to their family pack yet friendly to other dogs and humans, GSPs require positive training and plenty of exercise. A multi-talented bird dog, they are also strong swimmers with webbed feet and a water-resistant coat.