Outdoor Canada’s top ice-fishing tips for 2020

The year’s best hardwater tackle and tactics

Outdoor Canada‘s team of expert anglers share their secrets for icing more walleye, perch, northern pike, lake trout, crappies and whitefish

2020’s best new ice-fishing tackle, electronics, augers and more

How to rescue someone who’s fallen through the ice



4 prize-winning pointers for pulling jumbo perch through the ice

Gord Pyzer reveals his secret rig for winter whitefish

Ice-fishing secrets from a wilderness walleye guide

This simple ice-fishing hack makes Jigging Raps even more lethal


The best quick-strike rig for hooking monster wintertime pike

How to trigger bites from finicky wintertime lake trout

Panfish through the ice: Why these tiny jigs are better than bait

Jigging tricks to fool hardwater brook, brown and rainbow trout

4 awesome ice-fishing lunches from our wild game chef

Use these tricks to call in big ol’ burbot under the ice

An homage to the portable ice-fishing hut


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